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Tennis Elbow

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Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is an inflammation of the muscles of the elbow because of their overuse. The wear and tear of the muscles of the elbow cause pain and hence the condition is termed a tennis elbow. Since muscles, tendons and ligaments hold the elbow together and all these are responsible for the extension of fingers and wrist. The causes of tennis elbow can be more than one.

It’s not definite that it only happens with athletes. Many people complain of pain in the elbow because of the extensive use of forearm muscles. The foremost step in treating the pain or inflammation is proper diagnosis of the condition which can be performed by various tests such as XRay, MRI etc. After the right diagnosis of the reason underlying the condition, one can proceed with the various treatments available. The symptoms can be a pain in the elbow, poor grip using the wrist, soreness in the muscle.

Even though it is proven that tennis elbow gets better on its own, our therapists offer physical therapies and massages that help in improving the underlying condition. Our expert practitioners provide strengthening exercises that prove beneficial in reducing the inflammation in the joint as well as in better relaxation of the muscle. The exercises and therapies help in better mobility of the wrist and elbow.

The various stimulating techniques help to reduce the pain resulting in better grip strength. Over the period, a patient will be able to feel a huge difference in mobility and reduction in pain. The muscles and joints of the elbow are better relaxed and for better healing, our therapist provides stimulating techniques to improve muscle strength. Our expert osteopaths make sure that the stressed muscle or the injured muscle is relaxed with the various therapies and over some time our patients have gained their wrist grip and strength back.

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