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Shoulder Joint Pain

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Shoulder Joint Pain

The shoulder joint which is one of the most mobile joints in our body parts. And before we realise it, it is the most important joint of our body. It provides our arms and neck with the necessary movement.

There are three bones in our shoulder– Humerus, Clavicle and Scapula.

These bones are joined together through a ball and socket joint. Our shoulders play a pivotal role in balancing your body and giving the body the right kind of posture while sitting and standing. The reasons for shoulder joint pain can be many. Long hours of sitting and working on a desk or dislocation of joints can be one of the reasons for severe pain in the shoulder. Physiotherapy plays an important role in healing the shoulder and its joint.

The symptoms can be deformity, numbness in the shoulder, severe pain, lack of movement in the shoulder. Our therapists take into consideration all the symptoms of the patient and then design the various exercises according to the needs. Adequate Rest has always played an important role in curing the wear and tear of any muscle of our body. Our osteopaths are trained in helping an individual perform the various exercises that help in relieving the soreness of the joint.

The inflammation resulting from the dislocation of the joint can result in severe pain and result in stiffness. Most people with the help of our therapists can regain full strength within a few weeks of performing the exercises. Physiotherapy is the most reliable method of healing the shoulder and bringing it back to its normal functioning. A dislocated shoulder can result in a repetitive issue thus it’s always advisable to continue with physiotherapy exercises to reap the benefits.

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