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Sciatica Pain

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Sciatica Pain

Sciatica pain is one of the most excruciating pain that arises in the lower back and goes into the legs. This pain is caused by the compression of a nerve in the lower back.

People with slipped discs often suffer sciatica pain. Most people suffering from sciatica pain tend to get better with time but the most reliable treatment for this nerve-wracking pain is physiotherapy. The sciatica nerve is the longest in the body covering the lumbar region as well as the sacrum. The pain arises when this nerve is compressed. The pain can be sharp and shooting or in the form of jolts.

Our physiotherapists provide you with suitable exercises that help to relieve the compression of the nerve. The pain can sometimes cause freezing in the muscle which might make the leg numb and stiff. The exercises are well designed to relax the soreness and numbness of the legs as well as the lower back. This kind of pain usually affects one leg which might be of concern as it can hinder the movement of leg muscles and bone. Our practitioners have various methods to diagnose if the pain is due to sciatica or the underlying reason is something else.

Spinal X-rays and MRIs have proven to be a definite way to diagnose this kind of pain. Every sciatica patient has different symptoms and even the extent of pain is different. The treatments and various exercises are designed keeping in mind the condition of the individual. The treatments provided by our therapists have shown significant results with the individuals who have been suffering from sciatica for a long time. Self-care and rest also form an important part of the treatment and are advised by our therapists.

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