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Rotator Cuff Tear

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Rotator Cuff Tear

The rotator cuff has been a common cause of pain resulting from the tearing off of the tendon from the bone in the shoulder. Our shoulder is made up of three bones – Humerus, Scapula and Clavicle.

The joint of the shoulder is a ball and socket joint. The arm is kept into a shoulder using the rotator cuff. And this rotator cuff helps us to move and lift our arm as it attaches the one with the muscle. The tendon that attaches it to the shoulder gets inflammation or sore resulting in acute pain.

When the rotator cuff tendon is torn it no longer attaches itself to the bone making the movement of the shoulder as well as the arm very painful and difficult. The reasons for the torn cuff can be degenerative tissue or a sudden fall. In some cases, acute stress to the area has also been one of the primary concerns for the torn cuff to happen. In case of less blood supply to the area, a tear can happen. After a thorough diagnosis, our therapist assists with the stretches and exercises that help build up muscle strength.

Specific exercises will restore the strength and endurance of the shoulder helping in painless movement of arms and shoulders. The mobility exercises designed for these have proven very beneficial in curing the condition of the torn cuff. Our experts always advise our patients to undergo treatment consisting of various flexibility exercises that help to relieve pain and prevent further injury. This condition if left untreated might cause further degeneration of the muscle resulting in severe pain.

The pain and symptoms can worsen with time. This timely intervention by specialists will help to gain back muscle strength.

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