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Pulled Hamstring

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Pulled Hamstring

A pulled hamstring generally happen when hamstrings are overstretched or overloaded with too much weight. The hamstrings are three important muscles that run at the back of the thigh.

Hamstrings get injured generally during aerobic activity. The muscle fibre of the hamstring can get torn during running, kicking, stretching or even while climbing stairs. Torn or pulled hamstrings can happen to any active person and are not only restricted to athletes. A torn hamstring will result in sharp pain. The shooting pain will rise to your thigh muscles.

A thorough examination by the practitioner will help in diagnosis and thus further treatment. Our osteopathic will help identify the underlying condition and then provide you with exercises that will reduce pain. Once there is pain relief our therapists suggest strengthening and mobility exercises that will not only restore the muscle strength but also prevent further injury to the hamstrings.

Our therapists after examining your symptoms and the severity will design exercises and suggest adequate rest.
The RICE method along with other therapies have always shown wonderful results with patients having torn or pulled hamstrings. Torn hamstrings might result in tenderness of the muscle as well the area might swell in some period. The swelling might take some to go away but with the help of the right treatment, the pain can be reduced along with the swelling. Our osteopathic treatment along with the various therapeutic exercises can prove to be very useful in people prone to a torn hamstring injury.

People have a recurring history of pulled hamstrings and to prevent further injury our experts will provide you with some time tested strengthening exercises for the muscles. Our experts help in gaining the desired core strength by working in the core muscles that will further save the hamstrings while performing any aerobic activity.

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