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Lumbar Strain

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Lumbar Strain

Our lower back is the most utilised body part as it bears the entire weight of the body. Our lower back, which is called the lumbar, gets stained due to constant weight or degeneration of the muscle in the lower back. Injury to the lower back can be caused due to damaged tendons or stretching of ligaments.

The pain in the lower back is not restricted to the lumbar and might reach your legs hampering your movement. The lumbar pain might not be a major concern at first but the pain might increase with time. The continuous wear and tear of the lower back might become a major concern if not treated within time. If not given proper treatment this can be a reason for sharp and acute pain which might become chronic after a certain period.

Since our back and the backbone is the most complicated part of the body, the pain might get worse while undertaking any sport or while lifting weights. Muscle spasms or acute shooting pain might push your active life behind. Our therapists after taking in a detailed analysis of the condition and by checking on the results of the various tests, advise various treatments based on the severity of the symptoms.

Since the foremost can be a pain in the lower back our experts provide you with low impact exercises that make your muscle regain strength. The emphasis of the treatment is not only reduction in pain but also building strength in the lumbar area so that the body can lead an active and quality life. The lumbar pain should never be ignored as it can be a major cause of discomfort. Our therapists help you to build a strong back while dealing with all the physical challenges life throws at you.

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