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Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain

The weight of the entire body is supported by the lower back. The lower back forms the most important part as it bears all the wear and tear of the body. The pain in the lower back can be due to many reasons. Muscles in the back always get stretched and tensed because of the continuous pressure on the lower back.

Sitting, standing, running or kicking lower back supports us in every physical activity of the day. We tend to take our back for granted. But lower back pain should not be taken lightly as it can turn into something very serious in due course of time. Our osteopaths help you in reducing the pain by following some exercises and stretches that enable the lower back to move freely and effortlessly.

All the muscles, tendons and ligaments that make the lower back get injured while twisting and bending. Any form of physical exercise or sport can further damage them resulting in sharp and acute pain. The pain can be at times low and dull but need to be treated as early as possible. Our therapists help you in building the strength of the lower back and core muscles that are often engaged in the movement of the hip.

These mobility exercises not only help in better movement but also in the better posture of the body that can save you from further injuring the portion. The symptoms are carefully studied and if need be, our therapists can ask for certain test results like Xray or MRI which help them to analyse your situation better and suggest physical therapies accordingly. Once you are aware of what makes your pain worse you can fully take the advantage of the exercise and therapies suggested.

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