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Knee Pain

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Knee Pain

One of the most common causes of knee pain is arthritis or inflammation in the knee joint. Since the knee joint is a ball and a socket joint, the wear and tear happens because of excessive use of the joint. It is actually a joint inflammation that triggers pain and if not treated in time the situation can degrade.

Some people with the passage of time find it difficult to walk as their knees start to bend. It becomes very difficult to indulge in any physical activity. Hydrotherapy has shown some wonderful results when it comes to knee pain. Our therapists who specialise in knee pain and other injuries arising due to wear and tear of the knee joint recommend this therapy to patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.

In some cases our therapists might suggest knee replacement but even after the surgery one has to be very regular with their physiotherapy sessions to build back the strength. The aerobic exercises along with mobility exercises help in better mobility and ease away pain in a few weeks. A few of the exercises that have shown wonderful results are squats, lunges, cycling in the corner, single leg balance, walking and knee-bending. These exercises have shown time- tested results in people suffering knee pains due to various causes. Knee Pain can be a hindrance in our day to day life as one can find it difficult to walk or perform any physical activity.

It’s always advisable to get it treated as soon as one notices even slight pain in the knee. To avoid long term suffering occurring because of the pain in the knee, one must perform the exercises provided by the therapist without fail and continue to do so for a few weeks to see the desired results.

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