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Jaw Pain 0r Tmj

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Jaw Pain 0r Tmj

Temporomandibular joint commonly known as jaw pain is a kind of agonising pain that might be for a short while but can have long-term effects. Generally, a dental XRay will provide an insight into the condition of the jaw but the feel of your jaw when you open and close your mouth can also help in better understanding the reason for jaw pain. Jaw pain not only affects your jaw but also the other various parts of the mouth including the sinuses and head. Headaches can also be triggered once there is severe jaw pain.

The facial muscles feel tight and sore. To ease the pain, the dentist might suggest some pain relief medicines which ensures that the pain is in control. But for long term relief in the problem as well as the paints a must to strengthen the jaw muscle. Our therapists for jaw pain educate and counsel you regarding the condition.

they help you understand the various underlying factors that may trigger the pain or further worsen your jaw muscle and bone. Once they analyse the symptoms they suggest various jaw exercises that not only help in strengthening the jaw muscle but also help in better movement of the jaw. Physical therapies not only help the jaw but also the facial muscle to relax and regain mobility. The reasons for TMJ or jaw pain can be arthritis, injury or even with age the degeneration can happen. The jaw pain can sometimes be so excruciating that it becomes difficult for the person to eat or even swallow anything. Our exercises help to rebuild the lost strength of the jaw by stretching and by improving TMJ mobility. The exercises can eliminate the problem from the root cause in the long term.

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