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Heel Pain

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Heel Pain

Heels are the part of the feet that supports our feet while walking, running and even while standing. They provide that essential cushion that is needed by the feet to perform all the physical tasks.

The weight that our heels bear is immeasurable and thus undergo a lot of wear and tear. The heel pain can be stabbing or start as a dull ache. This dull pain can further aggravate with time if left untreated. The pain in the heel can be a major cause of worry as it can hamper your daily life.

The most common reason for the heel pain is a tear of tissue called plantar fascia. It can either be a tear or the tissue gets thickened with time. The pain can be agonising and can prevent the person from performing any kind of physical exercise. In some cases pain in the heel becomes a chronic condition so it becomes utmost important to not only treat symptoms but also the underlying causes.

The various kinds of treatments suggested by our practitioners have become very useful when dealing with this kind of pain. In many cases our therapists have come to the conclusion that heel pain can be caused due to constant wearing of the wrong kind of footwear. It can have a lasting impact on the bones and joints of the feet as well as heels.They suggest various physical therapies after a thorough examination of the condition and the cause of the pain. Various treatments that are offered include rest compression, casting, footwear modification etc.

Our specialists are backed by years of experience in dealing with this kind of pain and the results have been always overwhelming where people have been able to lead a pain-free life using non-surgical and non-invasive methods.

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