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Foot and Ankle Pain

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Foot and Ankle Pain

The foot and the ankle are the most ignored part of the body. Even though it bears the entire weight of our body we tend to ignore it when it comes to the pain in our feet and ankles.

Our foot and ankle are some of the most complex parts of the body as it contains many bones. Ligaments and tendons that attach the bone and the joint are also in plenty in our feet and ankles. It’s a misconception that foot and ankle pains only bother the athletes or runners but common people also might find it tough dealing with the pain that arises because of ankle sprains.

Misdiagnosis can often lead to further regeneration of the underlying tissue. Acute pain or stabbing pain is the characteristic feature of the ankle sprain or tear in the tissue. If not treated in time can become chronic and cause a severe problem in walking and standing. The ankles and feet maintain the balance of the body thus even minute pain can also be a cause of big discomfort for the body.

Our therapists after complete diagnosis of the condition analyse the reason causing the pain in the ankle and feet. Their recommendations are based on the cause of the pain. RICE – rest, ice, compression and elevation is mostly suggested in case of such pains. But recently therapists have found wonderful results when patients have substituted elevation with mobility.

Mobility exercises help strengthen the muscles and bone resulting in easing the pain. Our therapists have years of experience dealing with such kinds of pain and help the person gain personal welfare by overcoming pain. Our patients have been able to lead a physically fit and active life after our physical treatments and exercises.

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