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Achilles Tendinitis

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Achilles Tendinitis

Achilles -tendinitis is the pain in the heel. The heel plays a pivotal role in standing, walking and even maintaining posture during standing. The pain is due to the inflammation in the large tendon that runs down in the back of the lower keg. The heel is responsible for proper footing on the ground. and the tendon helps to keep the heel off the ground while walking. It bears the weight of the body.

Thus when the large tendon gets inflamed or injured it can result in a tear. This tear can be very painful resulting in either a dull ache throughout the day or when one steps on the ground in the morning. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. This kind of condition happens either the body is pushed to perform a physical activity involving the legs and feet or while running long distances before activating the calf muscles. The calf muscles tend to get sore and tight thus affecting the heel and resulting in pain.

It’s always advisable to consult a therapist if there is pain in the heel which may further increase if not properly diagnosed. The stabbing pain in the heel can cause a lot of discomfort and become a major hindrance even in performing the day to day tasks. Our specialists provide you with various exercises and therapies. They may suggest chiropractic adjustments or active release therapy that strengthens the tendon and the underlying bone.

The mobility exercises help to release the tension in the muscle and let one regain the strength. We help you in eliminating the pain from the heel by providing strength-building exercises. These exercises help you to regain the lost mobility and train muscle to perform the physical activities as and when needed.

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